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At Lojadez you will find Repsol Household and Industrial Gas. We deliver at your home and provide gas installations. We have certified technicians who guarantee professional and quality service.

What is the best solution?



Bulk Gas

If you have high energy consumption (hot water, cooking and heating), you may choose the Bulk Propane Gas installation, making the most of the all the energy efficiency offered by this solution.
Bulk Propane Gas is the ideal energy source for your home. Its easy installation and the variety of equipment available for a wide range of applications make it the best energy solution for anyone who wants a more pleasant and comfortable home.
Fast and clean, Bulk Propane Gas offers high calorific power. Using it in the kitchen, for hot water and home temperature control, is the cheaper and most convenient way to manage and maintain your energy.
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Bottled Gas

Repsolgas offers solutions that fit your every consumption need, regardless of the type of use.

Enjoy the easy regulation and cost control offered by the bottled gas solution. We already have the widest range of bottled gas in the market, so we can meet your every energy need. With this solution, you will have autonomy and comfort, as you can rely on over 220 official Repsolgas agents, who can provide the best home delivery and technical assistance service.